Jubilee School of Ministry offers hundreds of hours of online classes from our fully accredited curriculum. These classes are in the form of audio recorded teachings as well as any class notes or other content they may include. Our goal is to provide maximum information with maximum flexibility. This means all of these recorded classes are available to you 24 hours a day, from any connected device and come in a variety of affordable packages.


  • FULL ACCESS (Premium membership to all content now and in the future)
    By far the most popular and best value membership type. With a Full Access membership you get unlimited access to all current tracks, classes, class notes or handouts as well as any future classes or tracks that we will add. This option is a one-time fee for a lifetime membership. No reoccurring fees or charges and you will automatically get access to all future content. There is no limit to how many times you access or listen to any of the classes or their content.
  • TRACK (Membership to the classes and content within the Track or Tracks of your choosing)
    We have divided our curriculum into 9 different “tracks” based on subject of the material. They are: DISCIPLESHIP, THE BIBLE, INTIMACY, WORSHIP, KINGDOM, EMERGING GENERATION, PROPHETIC, LEADERSHIP and AWAKENING & REFORMATION. Within each Track there are several classes and each class is typically several hours of information. When you purchase a track, you will have access to the current list of classes in that track as well as any future classes we add to that track. There is no limit to how many times you access or listen to any of the classes or their content within the track.
  • INDIVIDUAL CLASS (Purchase access to one class at a time)
    You can select unlimited access to an individual class for a small fee. These will be priced according to the length or number of sessions. Some classes range from 1 hour/session and go up to 15-20 hours or sessions.  When you choose the individual class option you will get all of the individual “sessions” that are associated with that class. You will get access to all class notes and handouts where available as well. There is no limit to how many times you access or listen to the class or its content.