1. Can I earn a degree, diploma, certification or college credits by enrolling in your online school?
    The short answer is no.  This online audio archive version should be treated as informational only, for those looking to develop and grow their Biblical knowledge. While the curriculum originates from our fully accredited School of Ministry that can offer degrees all the way up to the doctorate level, there were a lot more additional requirements for our “in-class/on campus” students to meet in order to graduate. We do have some individuals that continue to work through the degree process with us, however that is largely reserved for people we are in relationship with. We know that not only are they meeting all of the classwork requirements, but also we know them well enough to endorse their degree, call and life in ministry.
  2. Do you offer in person/classroom classes or programs?
    At this time we do not have an active campus school of ministry going.  We do have a live teaching that occurs on most Wednesday nights at 7PM that teaches from the Jubilee School of Ministry curriculum. These classes are free to the public and also Live Streamed. Click HERE for the Livestream.
  3. Do you offer scholarships or other discounts?  
    We do not have scholarships available.  We believe that the pricing model we have developed offers enough options that anybody can get started no matter their financial situation. With the cheapest classes costing only $1.00 everyone can join this online community.
  4. Are there assignments, homework, quizzes or tests?
    There are no assignments. Because there are no degrees, diplomas, certifications, college credits or graduation on the line, there are also no assignments.  This purely exists to pass on the rich information as affordable and easily as possible.
  5. Do you limit the amount of times I can access a class, track or lesson?
    Absolutely not! Once you have purchased a membership of any level you have lifetime access to that content.  If it is just one single class, you can come back and listen to that class as many times as you want. If you have a membership to a specific Track, you not only have infinite access to all current classes in that Track, you also get unlimited access to any future class that we add to that Track.  If you have a Full Access membership, you get everything now and forever as often and as many times as you want!
  6. If I sign-up for one membership level can I upgrade later?
    Of course! We have set up maximum flexibility to make this work for everyone. You can start with one class and upgrade all the way to Full Access membership, or purchase a couple of Tracks plus some individual classes.  It is literally as pick and choose as you can get!